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Monthly Archives: May 2005

WaveCase, Taking your Mobile Underwater

Well, this is some good stuff people. It’s a simple case that fits 95% of cellphone models and is totally waterproof. That picture on the right was taken with a regular Nokia 7610!

There isn’t much more to it. Just slip your cell inside, go underwater and do whatever. They claim you can take your cell as far down as 20m. It comes with a strap to prevent you from, uh, dropping your phone into the abyss. It also comes in a variety of colors.

It sells for 49Euros, which is about 62$USD. Here.

Visit the product page. Story VIA Gizmag.

Korean Paper Thin Speakers

nullAh Korea… How we love you! How we envy you. What is it about you, Japan, and technology? Did you two sign a pact with the devil or something? When we have finally been reduced to weeping little blobs of technological ineptitude, will you then come proudly marching over the big Atlantic pond and rule us with iron fists?

Please don’t.

Well, whatever. Startup company Plasma and Ion Beamhas, from South Korea, is about to market paper-thin plastic film speaker technology developed back in 2001. The film looks just like cellophane wrap and can be molded into any surface, without any sound degradation. The only drawback is that it has some trouble reproducing bass. But who cares?

Think about it.

You’ll have computer screens with sound emanating from them. You’ll have flags playing the Star Spangled Banner. You’ll have books talking to you. You… well, geez, you get the picture, right? This is huge. And there’s a ton of details here.


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Kalamazoo Sculpture BBQ

Kalamazoo Sculpture BBQ

nullHere at OhGizmo!, sometimes we admire the form. Then, sometimes, we admire the function. On rare occasions, we come across product that smartly combines both, and that really gets our juices flowing. On this occasion, well, we just think this is one bitchin’ BBQ from company Kalamazoo.

There are two models, the Sculpture Gas, and the Sculpture Charcoal. They’re both 3490$, and they come with the usual BBQ features. 50,000 BTUs, integrated thermometers, and heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

But let’s be honest. You could drive down to Home Depot and get yourself the same set of features for 500$. This is not a machine you buy for the features. You buy it for the looks. And that’s just fine, you know.

Go here. VIA Trendir.

Smarthome Ultra Efficient LED Lightbulb

nullSo it’s not everyday that you consider dropping 40$ for a lightbulb, right? Still, this might be one of those purchases you only have to make once every, what, 10 years? See, it’s a little 60,000 hour conglomerate of 36 ultra-bright LEDs that presumably shines just as bright as a conventional lightbulb of… undeterminate wattage. See, the website doesn’t say. Well, there’s 36 ultra-bright LEDs… so I’m guessing it’s bright enough.

And, it consumes only 1.3 watts of electricity, meaning that if you run it 24 hours a day, it should only cost you about 1.8$ a year.

Think about that.

Go here.
VIA MetaEfficient.

PhoneThong from CellPower

PTFrontBackWow, I never thought I’d find myself writing about a leather thong, made for your cellphone. Yet here I am.

A thong. For your cell.

It’s 20$. It fits a bunch of models. Comes with a dandy strap. Go here for plenty more pictures and to find out if you too can outfit your cell… with a thong.

Lord have mercy on this sad sad world.


Evolution, Automating Lawn Mowing

EvolutionWell, you have the Roomba. And now, you have the Scooba. But once you have had your floors cleaned by a robot… will you actually have to go out and mow your lawn yourself? Well, not if you have 2500$ to throw around.

The newest in a line of such bots from company Robots and Relax, the Evolution is billed as the “newest, most advanced robotic lawn mower available on the market”. Looking at the specs, I almost want to believe it. See, it has this set-it-and-forget-it kind of functionality, which I find great. It comes with sensors that detect long grass. If it finds a patch of long grass, it’ll take care of it. Once its done, it’ll just sort of go around, hunting for more long grass.

It can handle an area up to 33 000 sq.ft. and has lithium batteries. Don’t know how long they last, but still, you have to admit this is pretty cool.

Visit the website. Story VIA

Steinheusen Watch Winder

Fancy German name means something good, ya? Well, maybe. You have one of those fancy kinetic watches that never needs to have a battery changed? If you have a pretty penny, you probably have half a dozen. That means that quite a few of them spend some time just laying around. Well, then, you should know that if these watches spend too long without being, uh, wound, the springs stiffen and the watch loses its accuracy. And that my dear rich friend, would be disastrous.

Avoid the inevitable suicidal feelings and get yourself this 300$ piece of equipment that will keep your watches in constant movement. There is room for six watches. Four of them go in the turntables above and, just turn. Two more go in the display compartment on the side, so you can show off to your friends.

Why 300$? Well, see, it’s handmade from fancy wood, and lacquer and such. And the turntables turn clockwise and counter-clockwise, and, well… you get the idea.

Need more details, then go here. Story VIA Gadgetuniverse.

Infusion, Listen to Internet Radio, Without the Computer

infusionAustralian company Torian is planning to make an MP3 player / FM radio receiver / news-sport-weather ticker-tape banner… uh, device that can connect to the internet without the intermediary of a computer. It uses 802.11b/g WiFi technology to connect to wireless hotspots, and performs computerized wizardy to magically find said radio feeds.

It does not however seem to come with memory of its own, sadly preferring to leave that task up to you, in the form of a slot for a memory card of undetermined format. It’s kind of fugly, and there’s no word on price, as, I imagine, it’s not quite yet in production… but well, hey, it gets internet radio without the computer. That’s cool, right?

Now, please understand. There was alcohol in my decanting bottle, and as a result my mental abilities are somewhat, uh, diminished. To me, this seems like a neat idea. But you know something? I don’t know anything.

Go to the website here and make up your own damn minds. Story VIA Gizmag.