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This Week’s Stories

Damn Right
Limited Edition Versace Nokia 7270
Slumber Light Creates Reactive, Expressive Telepresence
LUKA Continental Bread ‘n Spread Plate
“Amis???, Interactive Lights by Peel

Splash Goggles, A Swimmers’ Companion
Pedalite, Self-Powered Pedal LEDs
The Executioner, Taking Bug Zapping to a Whole New Level
OHSO Self Dispensing Toothbrush
HF03, Gravity Defying Sink

Infusion, Listen to Internet Radio, Without the Computer
Steinheusen Watch Winder
Evolution, Automating Lawn Mowing
PhoneThong from CellPower
Smarthome Ultra Efficient LED Lightbulb

Kalamazoo Sculpture BBQ