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Evolution, Automating Lawn Mowing

EvolutionWell, you have the Roomba. And now, you have the Scooba. But once you have had your floors cleaned by a robot… will you actually have to go out and mow your lawn yourself? Well, not if you have 2500$ to throw around.

The newest in a line of such bots from company Robots and Relax, the Evolution is billed as the “newest, most advanced robotic lawn mower available on the market”. Looking at the specs, I almost want to believe it. See, it has this set-it-and-forget-it kind of functionality, which I find great. It comes with sensors that detect long grass. If it finds a patch of long grass, it’ll take care of it. Once its done, it’ll just sort of go around, hunting for more long grass.

It can handle an area up to 33 000 sq.ft. and has lithium batteries. Don’t know how long they last, but still, you have to admit this is pretty cool.

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