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Steinheusen Watch Winder

Fancy German name means something good, ya? Well, maybe. You have one of those fancy kinetic watches that never needs to have a battery changed? If you have a pretty penny, you probably have half a dozen. That means that quite a few of them spend some time just laying around. Well, then, you should know that if these watches spend too long without being, uh, wound, the springs stiffen and the watch loses its accuracy. And that my dear rich friend, would be disastrous.

Avoid the inevitable suicidal feelings and get yourself this 300$ piece of equipment that will keep your watches in constant movement. There is room for six watches. Four of them go in the turntables above and, just turn. Two more go in the display compartment on the side, so you can show off to your friends.

Why 300$? Well, see, it’s handmade from fancy wood, and lacquer and such. And the turntables turn clockwise and counter-clockwise, and, well… you get the idea.

Need more details, then go here. Story VIA Gadgetuniverse.


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