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OHSO Self Dispensing Toothbrush

This is a toothbrush for people that travel a lot. You fill it with toothpaste. Then, you turn that little black knob at the bottom in one direction and toothpaste comes right out on the bristles. A little window lets you see just how much is left.

That’s only half the story though. When you want to refill, first remove the part with the bristles. Then, screw in your toothpaste tube and turn the little black knob the other way. The suction thus created will draw in the toothpaste without making any sort of mess.

It’s pretty and ingenious.

There are three models: The very swanky looking Presto, the Divo, that kind of looks like a lipstick and the Marko, pictured. You can’t buy them just yet, but it seems you can add yourself to some sort of list if you’re interested. I’m guessing they’re in production or something. No clue on price.

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Update: Richard Trocino of OHSO has contacted me with a few more details.

We are heavy into production now with a launch date of Aug-Sept. Presto and Divo First quarter 06. We are taking pre-sales contacts on under “buy now.” And the feedback has been fantastic.

The Chrome and Rubber Marko sells for $19.95 and includes an additional bristle head, small tube of Colgate, universal adaptor (for loading non-Colgate toothpaste), and instruction manual. We want a “batteries included” (or toothpaste in our case) immediate gratification when you open the box. Replacement bristle heads come in packs of three but we have not priced them yet. We also plan to offer an array of bristle heads soft,
medium, firm, shaped, etc.