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Pedalite, Self-Powered Pedal LEDs

It’s a commonly accepted notion that getting hit by a car, in a dark street, while riding a bicycle is one of the less appealing activities known to man. For this reason, cyclists enjoy being seen at night. To this end, company Pedalite has fashioned a funky looking pedal with flashing LEDs that will never need any batteries. How? Through the magic of dynamos.

Enclosed in the pedal assembly is a miniature dynamo and capacitor that provides power, without the use of batteries, to three flashing LED lights: coloured red to the rear, amber on the side and white to the front.

Fitting is simply a matter of attaching the pedal to the bicycle. As the rider pedals, the gears drive a dynamo that takes just 0.5 percent of the energy used to propel the bike. Energy is stored by the capacitor to allow the light to continue flashing even when the bike stops.

They go for £49.99 the pair, and are only available at the website here.