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Wolfgang Puck’s Self Heating Latte

I support anything that uses chemical wizardry to achieve cool new functionality. Wolfgang Puck, it seems, feels the same. He’s licensed this new product from California company OnTech.

It took a California company named OnTech seven years and $24 million to create the self-heating cans, which are activated by pushing a plastic button on the bottom. Water flows into a sealed inner cone filled with quicklime, which is mostly calcium oxide. A chemical reaction heats the coffee to a pleasant 145 degrees in six to eight minutes, the amount of time it might take to order, pay for and receive a latte from a barista

But see, I live in Canada. Living in Canada means we get everything cool, last. And that, my friends, sucks.

And, oh yeah, don’t mind me, I just like to complain a lot.