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Caller ID Mousepad

calledidmousepadConvergence. That’s the buzzword. Everything needs to converge. In the gadget world, it’s important that one day, somehow, someone invents a gadget that can do it all. Of course, until we get there, there are the somewhat clumsy baby steps.

Take this mousepad for instance. It’s a speakerphone with Caller ID. So for those of you that still have landlines, and for whom the thought of having to get up to get a call is an annoyance you could do without, this is perfect. The Mouse Pad Caller ID Speaker Phone Sandwich Maker remembers incoming calls and stores the phone numbers of up to 90 previous calls and the last eight outgoing numbers called.

And I like it because it sort of looks like a big bean. Aside from that, even I have to admit, it’s a little dull.

It’s 90$ from VIA Gizmag.