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Volvo’s 3CC gets between you and death

3CCSee, they say that falling out of a 10th floor window doesn’t kill you. It’s the sudden stop that does it. I tend to agree, and the same logic applies with cars, I imagine. High speeds + sudden stops = grizly death. Volvo’s caught on, and decided to do something about it.

‘Safety Ride Down’ is a system that minimises G-forces in the event of an impact by allowing all the seats up to 20cm of forward travel, dramatically reducing the forces that wreak havoc on the human body.

So it’s kind of like a built-in cushion in case you have a close encounter with a wall at 60mph. Great.

And to think that Volvos used to be nothing more than buttugly matchboxes a few years back.

Check it out at Wallpaper. Story VIA Ployer.


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