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Monthly Archives: May 2005

iPod Wallet

Ok, so the girls out there should appreciate this. See, we men, we have no “wallets” or “purses”. I mean, yeah, sure, we got wallets. But hey, I mean, you could maybe fit a toothpick in them, you know. Girls wallets, well, they fit iPods, plus thousand other paraphernalia.

Just take a look a this one. For 75$, ladies, you can buy a wallet that’ll fit, well, everything and your iPod.

No word on just what kind of iPod though…

Buy it here. Story VIA TechDiva.

BBQ Case, Taking Summer Along With You

nullSo, you’re not getting invited to half as many BBQ parties as you were hoping to. Hmm… well, either your friends don’t appreciate the beauty and elegance of a fire grilled steak, or are too darn cheap to buy a BBQ of their own. Whatever the case, this little item will fix that problem.

For 33$ you can buy your very own portable grilling machine. When using it, it takes up 42.5 x 26cm, yet it folds up into a neat little briefcase so you can go wherever with it.

I love it.

Buy it here. Story VIA TRFJ.

Paradox, Mac Mini Look Alike

It’s named Paradox. It was unveiled at Computex 2005 by AOpen. Why is it named Paradox? Is it paradoxical that it should look just like the Mac Mini? I don’t think there’s anything paradoxical about that.

Do you?

Everyone and the mail man tries to make a buck or two on Apple’s little bandwagon. AOpen just jumped in, it seems.

It might be released sometime around Spetember of this year.

Here, go look at some pretty pictures.

Optibike, Electric Bike with an Attitude

optibike400Usually anything with the word “electric” preceding it means “sluggish, slow and kind of lame”. That applies to cars, planes and uh, well, everything. See, electricity pretty much sucks. It’s useless.

Except in this bike, it seems. As far as electric bikes are concerned, this one does a decent job. It won the Tour de Sol, pretty much putting its competition to shame. It comes packed with a ton of features any one of us would like on a regular bike, let alone an electric one:

full suspension and disc brakes, a run time of two hours in “economy mode” (although, strangely, it was in the “three-hour range” category in the Tour de Sol), an electronic display with lots of goodies, a powerful headlight, optional automatic shifting, an integrated charger with a built-in power cord, and even a computer port for diagnostic! All that in a 58 pounds package, which was the second-lightest bike in the Tour de Sol.

It gets better:

On a test ride in Boulder Colorado, a fit road cyclist was able to climb the notorious Old Stage Road at 10 MPH sitting down with an easy spin on the Optibike. On his ultra light road bike, he had to stand and grind all the way to go 5 mph!!! Twice the speed – half the effort, Optibike has the power.

So um, yeah, sure, riding a bicycle is all about exercising. Still, I wouldn’t mind a little electric help along the way.

The website is here. Story VIA Treehugger.

XM25 Gun in Testing, 500% Increase in Lethality Proposed

xm25The business of killing, it seems, is in dire need of optimization. Which is why

the weapon makers at Alliant Techsystems have delivered the first six prototype XM25 advanced airbursting weapon systems to the U.S. Army for field-testing. The XM25 fires a High Explosive (HE), air bursting 25mm round capable of defeating an enemy behind a wall, inside a building or in a foxhole. The advanced design allows the operator to program the round so that it flies to the target and detonates at a precise point in the air. It does not require impact to detonate.

The revolutionary fire control system for the XM25 employs an advanced laser rangefinder that transmits information to the chambered 25mm round. As the round flies downrange to the target, it precisely measures the distance travelled and detonates at exactly the right moment to deliver maximum effectiveness.

The XM25 increases the warfighter’s probability of hit-to-kill performance by up to 500 percent over existing weapons.

So if I’m getting this, there’s some sort of chip inside the bullet, eh?

The technology sounds great. The implications are somewhat sadder.

Now, please applaud my touching socio-political insight.

Read the article VIA Gizmag.

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock, for Your Precious Ice Cream

euphorilockYou sure love your ice cream. So much so that the simple thought of someone stealing some from you throws you in a dangerous kitten killing frenzy.

That’s sad, man.

Think of the kittens, and just buy this 6$ bauble from Ben & Jerry’s. It’s a combination lock you put on your ice cream.

Here. Story VIA PopGadget.

iPod Shuffle Could Get Memory Boost

There’s a little rumor that Apple may increase the size of the Shuffle’s memory to 2 and 4 Gb sometime between June and August of this year.

There’s even an article for you to read and decide if this is something you’re going to want to try and believe. It’s the DigiTimes, and the link is here. Story VIA T3.

HoverMower, Mowing Your Lawn on a Cushion of Air

I think it’s sort of strange that we’ve seen two lawnmower innovations in the last week. First there’s the automatic lawn mower robot and now there’s a hovercraft/mower…

Treachery’s afoot!

Or not. This little beast, made by Eastman Industries, floats on a cushion of air. This makes it more maneuverable, extremely light, easy to propel and able to reach previously inaccessible places like extreme inclines (due to its special diaphragm carburetor), wet grounds, and tight, difficult to get at places.

Things might get a little hairy if you let go of it I imagine, but well, hey, that’s your problem.

700$ will buy you one, and it’s available for purchase at Hammacher Schlemmer. Story VIA MakeZine.

Update: Ok, so, get this, people. I was born with a congenital brain malformation that makes me particularly stupid. And susceptible to think old things are new.

Well, not really, but still… Apparently, this mower is OLD. Go here for proof.

Thanks guys.

RobotRoach, Cockroach Controlled Cyborg

So I’m still trying to figure out just why anyone would want to make this. Garnet Heartz, the designer, has a ton of reasons, I just can’t bring myself to read the whole article. You can try, here.

Point is, it’s a nifty little contraption.

So yeah, ok, here’s the gist. There’s a three wheeled robot. There’s a ping-pong trackball. And then there’s a Madagascan hissing cockroach (I just love how it’s a “hissing” cockroach). The roach is tied atop the ball via velcro magic and its skittery little movements are then relayed to the three wheeled bot, which responds in kind.

In other words, you have a remote controlled bot, with a roach doing the “controlling”.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

The article again. Story VIA GearLive.