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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Rookie Rocking Chair Rocks

Second and last post about furniture for today. Winner of “Rocking” themed design competition by, artist Juan Carlos Viso Ruiz gives us this very cool looking and practical rocking chair, made by the same technology used to make surfboards. It is high-density foam, reinforced with wood stringers and covered with pigmented fiberglass.

No word on price, as it’s probably not even for sale. Should be though, cause it shoure is pretty.

Check it out.

B&B Italia, designer SoftWall

Ever found yourself unable to find a suitable place for a bunch of transitory things? Like magazines, or newspapers you want to keep for a while, but don’t have a permanent home for. Maybe a few postcards you mean to send real soon. They just pile up here and there, making ugly clutter, right?

Well, Italian designer furniture company, B&B Italia, seems to have an elegant solution for that problem. Enter SoftWall. It’s basically a felt covered metal dividing wall that you can use to insert all sorts things into. Things that, without such a swanky temporary residence, would otherwise make your place look kind of fugly.

It comes in two sizes: 1 meter wide, or 2 meters wide, by 1.9 meters high.

Don’t ask the price.

I didn’t.

Check it out.

TAK Pushpins, redesigning the thumbtack

TAK pushpinLeave it to to come up with an improvement on the thumbtack. Not only does it look good, but it can do two things the old thumbtacks couldn’t.

First, it prevents whatever paper you’re tacking from swivelling in the wind, since it has two needles.

Second, you can thread strings or wires through them for countless creative uses.

They’re not that expensive either, considering the innovation. A 6-pack will dent your wallet for 5$, whereas a 250-pack of clear TAK pushpins will set you back 25$.

Visit the website. Story via MoCoLoCo.

Pink Pig Speakers

Lovely stuff, isn’t it? They’re speakers. They’ll work with anything. Twist the tail to control volume. They’re about 30$. And they’re adorable.

Available wholesale from the Novelty Gift Company.

VIA ShinyShiny.

Motorola and Bose teaming up

E1000 Bose versionIt really looks like Motorola would like a share of the digital music pie. Their next step in their Path of Conquest is a union with Bose, to release a new suite that combines Motorola’s multi-media handsets with Bose’s QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones.

Phones supported in the package include the MPx220 and the multimedia E1000 among others.

Bose has also worked with Motorola’s current technology to develop an interoperable system that allows the enjoyment of audio from Motorola’s handsets through the Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones. The re-engineered cable has a built-in microphone and answer/end phone capabilities, making it convenient to switch from a music or gaming application to a phone call when it arrives, allowing handsfree voice calls with the Bose headphones, from either handset as well as video calls from the E1000.

Read more at Pocket Lint.

Electromagnetic Quarter Shrinking

What happens when you run 10,000 megawatts of electricity through a quarter? Does it vaporize? Melt? Nope. It shrinks, it seems.

You see, there’s this guy, Bert Hickman, that does just that. He shrinks coins… for fun. With some fancy apparatus, involving more electrical terms than I’d care to wrap my head around, he manages to run ridiculous amounts of electricity through a variety of things with fascinating results.

Visit his site and see pics of electromagnetically deformed quarters and beer cans. Also, read up on exactly how all this stuff works.



It’s a ring.

It opens beer bottles.

It’s 10$.


StarKick, Mecha-Foozball Uber-Table

StarKick3-smallI’m a foozball nut. I spent most of my early days attached to a foozball table. Sadly, I was also an unpopular geek in school. So most of that Foozball time was spent without an adversary. There are no words to explain just how much that sucked. And now… now that I’ve blossomed into a popular, handsome ladies-man (cough cough), and presumably have no more need to spend most of my waking hours, alone, in front of a Foozball table, they invent this. A robotic table. One that would most definately not have refused to become my friend in high school. You’re only ten years late guys!

StarKick works by scanning the table every 20 miliseconds and sending the info to a computer, which then decides on the best course of action to kick your ass.

No word on price.

Check it out VIA WMMNA.

AmphibiCAR, remote controlled toy car

Where was this stuff when I was a kid? My first remote controlled car had a wire connecting the “remote” to the car. My second remote controlled car only had controls for forward and reverse. Ahh… the good times.

Well, the AmphibiCAR, on sale at Sharper Image, does just what the name suggests. It swims. The 27Mhz remote control has a 100ft range and the car will stay alive for 45 minutes in water and 25 minutes on land. It takes 5 hours to recharge though, so you better have something else to do.

You don’t need to do anything to switch from land to water: just toss it in.

TransportTrends (with cool video) VIA Gadget Madness.

Thanks Erick!