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Freddo H2O, redesigning the icetray

Freddo H2O
Since it looks like this week’s theme is redesigning old classics, today is the icetray’s turn.

Designer John Karatzas from Australia brings us his yet to be produced idea of a better way to make ice. Go inside if you want a pictorial of how it’s done. Essentially, you pour in the water from the large opening. You then lay the tray down in the freezer, until icification. Twist it to loosen the cubes and pour them out, very elegantly, through the same opening the water came in from. And voila.

It wont rock your world so much as to make you feel as if you live in an alternate reality, but it is a nice touch.


Check it out at

  • Mike Lietz

    Yet to be produced? Perhaps that very one, as I’m sure I’ve seen smaller versions of that that made little hemispherical ice cubes sold before using that very same trick.

    The real question is: is it stackable?

  • H2Orange

    It’s got to be stackable… it has a flat bottom. I’d buy these, at the right price, in a heartbeat.

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  • Rambod

    excellent idea!!! Where can I get one?