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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Carafe with Swinging Cover

Design competitions are fun… and also not fun. People try really hard when they have to compete for something, so the designs you see are really special. Sadly, you usually can’t purchase any of them, since they’re not in production. Not yet anyway.

Nevertheless, here you have number two Macef Design Award of 2004. It goes to one Dietmar Sebel. See, it’s just a carafe, otherwise known as a water jug. It has a nice lid that keeps dust and stuff from getting in while it’s just standing around. Then, when you want to pour… you just pour. The lid magically, through the help of Mother Gravity, gets out of the way.

Ingenious I say.


Liquid Mice

More on the side of novelty than gadgety, but I still like them. They’re just optical mice with a few (fake) fishies inside. Or an assortment of other stuff that floats around in the liquid inside. You’ve got a choice from frogs, or ducks, or footballs…

Whatever. They’re £13.99 and they’re kind of fun. Maybe you can buy your kids one. Or something.

Go here.

Nokia N91, a deserving cellphone

NokiaN91I gave up reporting on cellphones a while back. For a couple of reasons. There’s a gazillion and a half of them, and everyone and the mailman are talking about them. What could I possibly add? However, I feel it would be a mistake not to say something (or two) about this beauty. Nokia’s back, baby!

The Nokia N91 is part of the new Nseries, of which there is also the N90 and N70, for now. But this particular girl has got my full attention. It seamlessly merges MP3 player with cellphone. And it does so with a plethora of features. First of all, the 4Gb. Then, USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi to get the music in. Microsoft Media Player 10, line-in and FM Stereo recording. 2MP camera.

The list of supported audio formats is long: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Real V8, WAV, WMA, M4A, AWB, SP-Midi, AMR, WB-AMR, Nokia Ring Tones, AMR-NB, AWB.

Oh, and it goes on and on people. MPEG4 streaming for instance. Or bluetooth connectivity.

It makes waffles for you when you’re feeling down and eats them for you if you think they’ll make you fat.

Oh, and it’s a cellphone.

Check it out.

PetTree by Fingerose

I really hope that someone who reads this, speaks uh… what looks like Korean, or maybe Japanese. What do I know about Asian ideograms? Whatever it is, it looks really cool. It’s a keychain, with a real tree inside of it. You make it grow, somehow (I imagine the specifics of it are left to the mystery of the foreign language), and you carry it around with you, wherever you go.

It’s lovely.

Ah… uh.. ok, never mind. An impromptu Google search has landed me on a Popgadget page, suddenly making sense of all the fog. It’s Korean. And, they go for about 10$ to 15$, though how you keep them alive is still a mystery.

They’re pretty. That’s all I care about. And there you have it.

Aroma Espresso Maker, to be carried in your bag

Aroma expresso
Yet another yet-to-be-released product, whose beauty and added functionality would make it a crime not to post about. It’s a gorgeous espresso machine designed by David Mansueto. It is meant to be carried around with you, only to be plugged in at your convenience. It makes 60ml batches of espresso, right before your eyes.

David seems very excited about it.

“From an aesthetic point of view it plays with your desires. It’s not just a coffee maker. There’s something very personal about it that makes you want to show it to someone and say ‘look what I’ve got. It’s MY coffee machine.’???

I would agree. I too would show it off, just so, if only I could buy one. Alas, David has just finished design school, and has yet to find someone to market this for him. I, for one, wish him the best.

Via Gizmag.

Bacon Strips Bandaids

baconIt’s late and I should be elsewhere. But this is irresistible.

There isn’t much to say about this. They’re bandages from Archie McPhee made to look like bacon. You get 15 per 5$ box. You figure out just how you can use them.

Check it out.

NevoSl, sexy universal remote

nevo_slSo we have us a sleek little universal remote here. It ain’t no everyday universal remote either. It’s a high maintenance, 800$, “I’ll have it my way or the highway, and don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya” kind of remote. That’s right, and she deserves it too.

See, she does what you pay for, and then some.

The NevoSL is unique compared to other universal remotes in that it comes both with a standard infared port for controlling tradition AV components, as well as a WiFi connection for access to PC and other network appliances. Running Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 on a 203 MHz embedded processor, the NevoSL is essentially a mini-computer. The user interface consists of 17 programmable keys, a scroll wheel, and a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD display.

Enough said folks.

Visit the website. Story via

Freddo H2O, redesigning the icetray

Freddo H2O
Since it looks like this week’s theme is redesigning old classics, today is the icetray’s turn.

Designer John Karatzas from Australia brings us his yet to be produced idea of a better way to make ice. Go inside if you want a pictorial of how it’s done. Essentially, you pour in the water from the large opening. You then lay the tray down in the freezer, until icification. Twist it to loosen the cubes and pour them out, very elegantly, through the same opening the water came in from. And voila.

It wont rock your world so much as to make you feel as if you live in an alternate reality, but it is a nice touch.

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Whispering Pillow, wireless speaker pillow

whispering-pillowSo you want to have a little nap in your backyard. What’s more, you want a nice pillow. And uh, while you’re at it, some music to drown out those pesky birds, right? Well, you’re in luck. The Whispering Pillow’s got you covered.

See, Dutch designer Endry Van Zwam (cool name!) has made a

pillow with wireless integrated speakers. A sender connected to a TV or sound-system transmits the sound in a radius of 80 meters. The volume control is integrated in the pillow, that needs to be recharged every 8 hours.

The website VIA Guerilla Innovation.