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Monthly Archives: March 2005

A new skin for your Sony PSP by VinzDecals

So you just couldn’t wait, could you? You just had to have the PSP before everyone else. You just happened to have a little truckload of money lying around and you got one imported. And now… well now you’re sick of the way it looks already. Well, fear not. Company VinzDecals is making a bunch of skins for your shiny toy so you can pretend you just bought it and fall in love with it all over again.

Each skin is 9$.

Check out the website.

Via GadgetMadness.

Soothing awakening: Progression Clock

70460.eps.fpxSo this one is interesting. If you’re not the kind of person that needs an oversized, turbocharged foghorn to be blown into your ear in order to wake up, you might actually have some use for this. It’s an alarm clock, but one that wakes you up gently, with nice soothing sounds and smells and gradual light increases. Aromatherapy meets practicality.

MSRP is 49.95$. Check out the website.

MPeye iRacer a-1000 is a looker

iracer2So this player from Korean company MPEye gets to be the first item to be discussed within this website’s new focus: sexy designs. That’s right. From now on, though we may cover the occasinal eye sore, we will try to bring you news of only the most visually attractive and elegantly designed gadgets out there. Cause let’s face it, gadgets these days are no longer a convenient indulgence reserved for the uber geek; they’re a life-giving, soul-lifting necessity indispensable in the life of so many. As such, they should look beautiful too, because really, who wants to live in an ugly world?

This being said, this MP3 player does come with the usual list of features with a couple of extras: it has a color LCD screen that can be covered by a slide out lid and it has little speakers. It’s replete with chrome, which is always pretty. However, there’s a big BUT in the functionality department. It only comes with USB 1.0. And that, my friends, is a dealbreaker.

Via DAPreview.

If you read Korean, check out the website.

Sovia UMT-BS100, bluetooth headphones

sovia_2aWhile not exactly as small or practical as I would have wanted them, Korean company Sovia will be releasing sometime in April this cute looking set of bluetooth headphones. It’s about time a product like this hits the market too. Think about it. We got rid of the cables on our cellphones, but we still have them on our music players. What sense does that make?

It’s meant to be worn like jewellry, with the buds integrated into the necklace. You can stream music to it with any bluetooth enabled device you have: phone, PDA, PC, Bluetooth iPod (maybe? One day? Yes?… Here’s hoping.), what have you. If you playback stereo, the batteries will last 10 hours.

There’s a bunch of pictures inside.

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Sonance iPort, the mother of all docking stations

iport6So it seems I have to implore the Gods of Technological Benevolence forgiveness for bringing you this story while it is already one day old (gasp!). Not that I’ve been known to be the most timely gadget writer on the block, but still, I do try hard.

Behold Sonance’s schtick in the iPod revolution: the iPort, an in-wall docking station that’s sure to dry out your wallet, but will do it in style. And, as iPod owners surely know, style is king in the portable music business.

There’s a full review of the iPort at iPodlounge. It’s replete with details of the installation process, one that will most likely require a certified electrician to be carried off without producing one or two charred bodies.

Now, you have to understand. Sonance makes serious high-end audio equipment. Its clientele is upper scale.

The ugly cables and boxes are all hidden away, with speakers and cabling located inside your walls, and sophisticated multi-room amplifiers hidden away in closets or other shadowed recesses.

The iPort is simply a sensible extention to someone who already owns a Sonance system.

Check out Sonance’s webpage.

LED mirror by Suck, UK

LEDmirrorI like the mirror. I especially like the name of the company manufacturing it. There’s not much to actually say about item, really. It’s a mirror, with embedded LED, that displays anything you like, with “special scrolling effects and fonts – all from the remote control or via your PC”.

Pretty nifty, though you have to contact Suck, UK, to find out what the price is. That exceeds my effort/payout ratio, so you do it if you really like it.

Chek out the website.

Nipple Enhancers!

Now this I dig! Not that I’d want to enhance my nipples or anything, but I sure could live in a world where every pretty girl owns one of these… Matter of fact, we could all use enhancing of some sort. I say, hell, let’s enhancify the world! You know, like the Olympics motto, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”.

And bigger.

Via GadgetMadness.

P.S. Oh yeah, they’re 1200 Yen. You work out how much that makes.

WeWa WMP-3100, badass MoFo

wewa_3100Don’t really know that this has anything out of the ordinary other than its interesting design. Flip it open like a switchblade and listen to its tinny speakers if that’ll float your boat. I mean, yeah, it looks cool, but… so what? Will it wash your dishes? Mow your lawn? Huh? Didn’t think so.

Nevertheless, you might want to know that it comes with 128Mb, line-in recording, voice recording, FM radio, etc, etc. All the usual goodies.

So yeah, it’s a switchblade MP3 player. Maybe it’ll make you feel special.

Check it out.

Imation Disk Stakka, manage up to 50 000 discs from one computer

Disc-Stakka_4I have a DVD collection. About 80 of them that I keep in a binder. It’s useful, really, but not exactly pratical. See, each time I want one, I have to get off my ass and walk over to the binder and… look for it! Now, if only there was a way to automate the process…

Well, there is. Meet the Disk Stakka. A truly wonderful, surpringsingly scalable disk management solution. Each unit can hold up to 100 CDs or DVDs. It connects to your computer via USB and software allows you to keep track of exactly what you have. Then,

Built in connectors allow you to stack units up to five high to create a tower that holds up to 500 discs without requiring additional cabling or desk space. And (this is where it gets fun) you can connect over 100 of these towers using powered USB hubs to control over 500 units — that’s over 50,000 discs — all from a single computer!

Mathematical Parenthetical

50 000 DVDs at 4.7Gb each makes 235 000Gb. That, my friends, is 235 terabytes (!!), all accessible from one computer.

The only thing it wont do is actually read the data for you. It’ll just eject the proper disk “within seconds”. But, this is still pretty darn cool, if not cheap. Each unit (not tower) is 149$.

Check it out.