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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Pocketec USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

pocketecSo I’m a sucker for stainless steel. If it was up to me, I’d stainless-steelize my apartment. Alas, stainless-steelization is an expensive procedure. Which is why my only alternative is to gawk at shiny steely things from afar.

There’s not much to it really. It comes in sizes up to 80Gb. It’s 5inches by 3inches by 0.5 inches, which is small, but not tiny. At 5.5 ounces, you’ll know it’s there. But hey, it’s stainless steel.

It connects through USB 2.0, of course and uh… that’s about it. The 20Gb version is 119$ and the 80Gb is 259$.

Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote

logitech's universal remoteSo how much multimedia equipment do you have? An HDTV, a satellite, a DVD player, a sound system and a pet goat. It’s time you got a universal remote and why not do it in style?

Logitech’s got you covered. And they also have your wallet’s welfare in mind as it’ll cost ya 250$ for one of these. Oh, but is it pretty! With a cute little context sensitive LCD and lithium-ion batteries for up to one week use without charge. Also, the firmware can be updated by connecting the recharging cradle to your computer’s USB port.

Nifty stuff, check it out.

Slow Updates

Yes guys…. Updates have been slow lately. End of term, exams, reports due, etc. Soon, it’ll be back up, until then, sorry.

EZ-AV EMP-500, delicious silver eyecandy

500_img02You know the drill. MP3 players= design, design, design! It’s also nice to pack a couple of good features too, for good measure. For instance, this one comes in sizes up to 1Gb, plays MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG Vorbis. It has a voice recorder, line-in encoder, FM tuner, and a 4096-color display. All the good stuff, and it looks like an alien probing device too!

No word on price, but you can read about it some more here.

Via Engadget.

Cellphone for the paranoid: Wherifone

3gsmSo you just have to know where all your loved ones are at every second of every minute. Your poo will turn to stone and you’ll pop a few capillaries in your eyes if you dont. What to do? Get a Wherifone by company Werify Wireless.

It’s just a cellphone (barely) with GPS. It’s not even really a cell phone, cause you can’t really make calls on it. You can pre-program the 5 buttons on it to call wherever… but that’s it.

See, it’s aimed at certain people, like Alzheimer’s patients and such. But I can just imagine some people putting this to… alternative uses.

Check it out.

Via RFJ.

IntelliScanner Wine Collector, barcode scanner for enophiles

ccg2So you like wine. You like it so much, you bought that expensive looking wine bar. You even have one of them cellars, with thousands of bottles. Yet, you’re technologically challenged and keep track of your collection on good ole paper. Well my friend, the times, they are a-changin!

Meet the IntelliScanner. It’s basically a barcode scanner wirelessly (or not, there’s a USB 1.1 option) connected to your computer. It comes with special software that connects to an internet database of over 51 000 wines and will instantly add all sorts of pertinent wine information to your database.

As mentioned, there are two versions. A Bluetooth (pictured) at 349$ and a USB wired version at 249$. Both come bundled with the special software and should make a nice addition to any wine collector’s arsenal.

Check out the product page.

Via Gadgetryblog.


Get a portable Barcode Scanner for your business to track UPCs with Barcode Supplies updating your business’s barcode system is simple.

As sexy as DV gets: Sanyo Xacti Digital Movie C5

sanyoc5Something about this camera looks a little like a shark fin. A really cool, pocket sized, 30fps VGA DV taking shark fin. But if you want to take pictures instead, it’ll do that too at 5MP. If you can’t decide whether to film or take pictures… well, take pictures while you’re filming, you have that option.

It’ll encode your film to MPEG4, which then goes on the included SD card. You’ll want to upgrade though, as it only comes with 128MB, but hey, big deal. It comes with a large 2inch swiveling LCD, 5X optical zoom and 12X digital.

Don’t want to do anything fancy with it, like take pictures or film? That’s fine, use it as a webcam instead.

Don’t want to wash the dishes one night? No problem. Miniature robotic arms come out its sides and do the deed for you.

All this and more for 699 Euros.

Check it out.

Google desktop search loses the beta

Google DesktopEver wanted to find anything in your computer using the “Search” function? If you did, then you probably managed to get yourself a coffee and watch some Oprah before your results were back. Well, with Google Desktop you don’t have to wait anymore.

Now this is strictly not new news. What is new, is that Google Desktop is now an official program, free to use of course, and not beta anymore. And in my opinion is yet another clear sign that Google is squarely checking out the land of Microsoftia with lusty eyes.

Check it out.

Spheros R37 Masterpiece, HD beauty

How’s 37 inches of High Definition LCD goodness grab you? How about a 160Gb integrated hard-drive for TiVo style PVRing? And how about a black glass front? That’s right, not plastic, but black glass.

It has an 800:1 contrast ratio, 1366X768 resolution, 170 degree viewing angle, 4 Dolby Digital speakers, etc. etc. All the goodies. But really, who cares about all that stuff. 8 000 Euros will buy you a wicked LCD with a black glass front panel.

And that my friends, is all that counts.

Check it out.