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PowerSki JetBoard, self-propelled surfboard

spsurfSo, the thing about waterskiing, or even surfing, is that it’s hard to do alone. You always sort of need a symbiotic relationship with either a powerboat driver, or a wave. Just you try to surf in a lake, or waterski alone.

Well, now a company called Powerski has got you covered.

[They’ve] built in an ingenuously small and flat 45 horsepower motor capable of propelling it to 40 mph. With the rear thrust, rail and the three fins beneath, the JetBoard carves better than anything else on water, tarmac or snow, generating G-forces up to 6G and enabling the rider to get almost horizontal. The JetBoard never cavitates or slides out, enabling a standing rider to perform continuous, stable, high speed turns with slight shifts in weight.

This lovely creature can be yours for 6995$.

There’s a ton more pictures and information here.