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Secret Agent Man gets Audio Tooth

It was bound to happen. Make enough movies, write enough books, make enough jokes and someone was bound to push the limits of technology to accomodate our geeky obsessions. Kind of like flying cars. We’re not there yet, but we’re trying pretty darn hard and I bet we’ll get there soon enough.

What is it? Well, it’s

a tiny implant consisting of a wireless receiver and a micro-vibration unit that uses bone resonance to convert digital signals received from a mobile telephone, radio or computer into vibrations or “sound” that reach the inner ear via the jawbone.

And, oh the possibilities! Think of it. Covert operations, creepy one man phone conversations in a restaurant, streaming MP3s and what not.

I want one now, only they’re not functional yet. The inventors have only managed to show that the principles behind it do work and until they make one, we are left with our dreams. As usual.

Check it out.