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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Candybar V3 RAZR: the SLVR V8

Not a whole lot to say about this. If you really wanted a V3 RAZR, but hated the clamshellness of it, then you’ll be happy to know, Motorola has thought of you. It comes with the same camera and pretty much the same features. Sadly, not the same catchy name. How are you supposed to say it? “Silver”? Or… “Sliver”?

Read about it.

iMate and Skype

iMate with SkypeWe’re in the middle of a Wi-Fi Everywhere revolution. There’s a whole industry dedicated to selling you wifi detecting keychain gadgets and such. Yet when you think about it, that’s one segment of the market that’s bound to disappear as wifi becomes more and more ubiquitous. I mean, who really needs something to detect wifi, when it’s everywhere?

Which brings me (slowly) to my point. If there’s wifi everywhere, there’s internet everywhere. With the internet, you can do some truly wondrous things, like use Skype and make phone calls. For free. And now, with iMate announcing they’ll be bundling Skype software on their next offering, a whole new era of free wireless communication could be just around the bend.

The article is in french. So, just so you know, it says that iMate’s next PDA will come with GMS/GPRS and wifi and Skype. It’ll be powered by a 400Mhz Intel Xscale PXA263 and 128 SDRAM. It’s expected to go at around 850$ and it comes out in March.

I say, wait for the prices to drop a little, and go for it.

Check it out.

“Pangs of guilt” multipost

Okay, so the updates have been sort of scarce lately. Which is why I offer you a bunch of quickie product posts, devoid of the usual witty commentary that makes this site so savoury…

Hitachi’s W22H slider phone.
W22H Hitachi
Cool slider phone from Hitachi with a ton of features: 1.24 megapixel CCD camera, 20-step digital 8x zoom, continuous shooting function, 2.4 inch QVGA LCD and ASF playback on optional SD card. Sure, the designes nothing new, but five years later, it’s still very Matrixy cool.

Check it out.

Not much to write home about here, just a pretty little (stress little) DAB player from Sony. Features a four-line backlit LCD display complete with clock and the capacity to store over 40 of your favourite stations. If you fall out of DAB coverage, you can always revert back to good ole radio. Radio?… We still have those?

Check it out.

Vertu Ascent, World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone.

The details are just too precious to list here. All that does need to be said is the pricetag: $3850. Oh, and yeah, something else. It has it’s own button connecting you to your concierge. So yeah, there you have it.

Read about it at GadgetryBlog.
Update: Sources tell me this is quite an old phone. Should have figured, as it looks kind of bricky. And has no bluetooth. And no camera. And the “concierge” button is nothing more than, well, speedial. Also, come to think of it, if you want to make a cellphone really expensive, why not just coat it in diamonds or magical feathers. Still, it looks like a Caddy, and that’s cool enough for me.

Gladiator: remote controlled war machine

remotetankA while ago, people engaged in war actually broke a sweat. Some of them even got killed. While this certainly was a bad thing for the team receiving the hits, it made for a somewhat more “noble” war, if you can imagine such a thing.

Now, well, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, it’s push-button warfare. And leave it to Carnegie Mellon to add a layer of detachment to the whole thing with the Gladiator, a remote controlled warbot.

According to Dimi Apostolopoulos, Carnegie Mellon’s lead scientist on the project, the Gladiator will use sensors to warn soldiers about a variety of dangers: enemy positions, barbed wire, mines, and even chemical, biological or nuclear threats.

The Gladiator will also be able to detect and avoid obstacles such as craters. Eventually, the Marines hope to arm the Gladiator with machine guns and other weapons.

So really, the time where everyone sits in a little radio room and fights the war from a distance, leaving only innocent civilians to be caught in the crossfire, is not that far away. Lovely.

Check it out.

World’s smallest 8GB USB flash drive

8gbflashdriveI have a friend that recently travelled abroad (because, you know, they have everything “abroad”). His goal for the trip was to come back with a flash drive. If I’m not mistaken, the fruit of his efforts was a blue 512MB dongle. Well, if you ask me, he should have waited just a little, and uh, made that “abroad” Japan.

Company Solid Alliance has announced the world’s smallest 8GB USB flash drive, to be released mid-2005. The 4GB and 2GB models are already on sale since Feb. 7, and they’re all compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP.

The amazing thing is that it’s just as small as a regular flash drive… And has twice as much storage as an iPod Mini.

It’s funny how the iPods are becoming measuring sticks for just about anything, huh?

Check it out.

Aluminum case for iPod Shuffle

alumshufflecaseI thought the whole idea behind the iPod Shuffle (at least, the one redeeming feature for it’s puny storage capacity) was the low low price, but to tell you the truth, even that didn’t exactly blow my mind…

Now, don’t misconstrue my words as any kind of criticism. I mean, hey, people easily pay one large for Manolo Blahnik shoes and that’s just fine. They’re just shoes, sure, but they’re Blahniks fer crying out loud, right? Well, the iPod is The designer MP3 player and should be treated as such. Which is why it’s totally understandable for someone to machine a case out of a solid aluminum block and protect their baby in style. Never mind that it’s probably more expensive than the iPod itself… it’s worth it!


Check it out at iPodLounge.

Oh, how lovely it is to be a Geek…

httpantiesYou know, I think geek is the new suave. Never mind the Revenge of The Nerds. We’re bringing this to a whole new level. We have beautiful women wearing underwear we made, and we’re just getting started.

Take these HTTPanties, from ThinkGeek. It’s basically a system for your woman (and you do have one, don’t you?) to communicate her, uh… moods to you. Forget “Honey, I have a headache…”, that’s for movie stars or something. No no. She just has to wear the white “403 Forbidden” panty, and you’ll get the message just fine. Feeling a little naughty? Well then, she can don the black “200 OK” panty, and uh, get the party started, if you know what I mean.

Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Not an iPod: Godot’s M8570

m8570So, it turns out, there are other MP3 players out there. Huh… who would have thought?!

This one even looks good, unlike some other fugly dudlies. It’s by company Godot and packs a bunch of lovely features not even found on The Shiny White Music Box, such as:

  • FM radio & radio recording
  • Line-in recording
  • 5-band EQ, id3-tag databasing
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Movie playback, maybe? “Motion pictures: Upgradeable motion pictures. Activated during music play”
  • View pics (JPEG)
  • And such and such. It comes with a 20Gb 1,8inch HD and really, when you think about it, once you’ve got your basic musical features out of the way, you only have one question to ask: Does it look good?

    And this my friends, is one cute little player.

    Visit the website.

    Vibrating Keyring: miniaturizing pleasure

    It’s very hard to keep a straight face writing this. Yet, I will go to the deepest depths and the highest highs for my faithful readers, bringing them invaluable news from the four corners of the web. Take this keyring for instance.

    It’s purported use is as an impromptu massaging device. One that you can carry along with you, wherever you go. It’s battery powered and the entire thing is 8.5cm long, with the actual er… vibrator at 5.5cm by 1.5 cm.

    The website says that it’s uh, popular with the ladies… People, I just report news, I don’t make them.

    Visit the website.