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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Sony MZ-RH10, they just don’t give MiniDisc up

sony-rh10You know, I have a friend that just straight out gave me an amazing car audio system. For no other reason that he just didn’t want it anymore. It’s a Blaupunkt New Orleans. And it plays MiniDisc. The thing about gifts like that, is that you have to have the money to install them, which I don’t. But the point is, it plays MiniDiscs, and as a result, I’m aware they exit. That apparently makes me one of the few in North America.

The rest of the world, especially Japan, has truly embraced this format, and probably as a result of this, Sony is still pumping money in the development of MiniDisc devices. Take the MZ-RH10. It’s just gorgeous. Mainly because of the large OLED display that disappears when not in use. Can you say cool?

Also, it supports MP3 natively (as well as ATRAC, WMA and WAV) and has a 32 hour battery life. That’s a hell of a lot longer than my iPod’s.

So, maybe we should pay some attention. I mean, the rest of the world does sometimes come up with things worthy of our attention.

Check it out.

Totally illegal tip of the day, aka The 14 Day Honeymoon

napster logoOkay, so the disclaimer is: Don’t do this. It’s not legal. The RIAA will eat your children for dinner.

This being said, there’s a way to un-DRM Napster files. And Napster gives you 14 days of unlimited downloads. What do these two things add-up to? You got it, two weeks of unabashed, unadulterated, unimpeded download. A music fest. A lyrical all-you-can eat buffet. For you to keep. Forever. Free.

There’s two ways to do this. A long one (that loses quality), and a short one (that probably loses quality, but less so).

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Yahoo! maps right to your cellphone

YahoomapsI won’t be using this. At all. For the very simple reason that my cellphone provider charges me an eye, an arm and a leg for data usage. And I’m too cheap to shell out the extra5$ a month a data plan would cost me.

There are people out there though, that have these plans and would benefit greatly from this new service from Yahoo! It’s simple and it’s useful. Go here, get some driving instructions and have them sent to your phone. Simple.

Alternatively, you could always print them.

Via Engadget.

MP-KT7, a good looking Hello Kitty MP3 player

hello_kitty1Not wanting to alienate the hordes of Hello Kitty fans worldwide, I abstained from making any sort of negative comments about an earlier Hello Kitty player. I didn’t mention for instance, how it looked like it was aimed at children ages 3 – 8. Or how learning to use it looked like it might require an inordinate amount of studying.

Now, however, I feel I can say these things with impunity, as there is a new player in town. Korean company Eratech has started producing the MP-KT7, a player packed with features and a display.

It plays MP3, WMA, and OGG. It comes with FM radio, line-in recording, voice recording, SRS Wow effects, and charge-over-USB to the built-in Lithium battery. Sadly, only 256MB of flash memory. But hey, it’s Hello Kitty.

It’s on sale at for 187 000won, or 182USD$.


GN Netcom GN 6210 dual-purpose wireless headset

GN6210I have a cellphone plan that makes me smile. For $45CDN a month, I get to talk as much as I want. Incoming, outgoing, evenings, whatever. If I wanted, I could just cut my home phone, and I’d be just fine. I just have this sentimental attachment to it… However beautiful this plan is tough, it’s not available to everyone, so most people still have a home phone and (usually) a cell phone. Well, the GN 6210 is a bluetooth headset you can use with both.

See, the cradle that recharges the earpiece can also be connected to your landline. That way, whether you get a call on your cellphone or your home phone, you dont have to lift a finger. Lovely huh? Oh, and it’s 249$

Check it out.

iAudio 5, all the colors of the living rainbow

iAudio5So everyone is making an MP3 player these days. Even the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And really, once you play all the right formats and have enough battery life, what’s left to innovate in? What do you do to compete? Well, Korean company Cowon has come up with something: add a display backlit with 1000 different colors.

It sounds sort of gimmicky to me. Especially considering the otherwise meager features, such as a maximum size of 1GB. However, if the thought of owning what is essentially a constantly changing, music-playing glowstick floats your boat, then hey, this is the thing for you. The 1GB version can be had for 199$ on the website.

Check it out.

Are those your keys in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

So you lose your keys all the time. What’s worse, you leave to go to work with your wife’s keys and her with yours and all hell breaks loose all the time. I say, get some coffee. There is however, a plan “B”.

Behold the “His and Hers Keyholder”. It is supplied with its own unique key, which is then attached to your own set of keys. Just insert it in the lock to keep your keys safe until you next need them.

There’s no hook protruding from the wall, and your keys can’t be bumped to the floor. Zinc with chrome finish. 3-1/8″x4-1/4″.

Check it out.

SAAB alcokey, breathalyzer car starter

saab_alcokeyFinally. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make something like this. I mean, it’s not perfect, but it’s a step.

See, to get hit by a drunk driver is universally acknowledged as something you want to avoid. A good way to reduce the chance of this occuring, is to keep the drunk… from driving. Saab is now testing a new device that might make it a little harder for someone intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

It’s very simple. In order to start your car, you have to blow through this keyring and pass. Alcohol in your breath? Car wont start. Simple as that. Now, of course you could always fool it by asking an innocent passerby to blow into it, or, better yet, not buy a Saab. However, for those lonely drunks staggering out of a bar at 3am, this just might prove their undoing.

Check it out.

Motorola E1060, iTunes magic

motorola_e1060Seems like Motorola’s got their fingers in all sorts of pies these days. Here’s the E1060, the first of many to come iTunes-enabled phones.

This one has a 1.3MP camera and support for up to 512mb Transflash memory. Enough to make the iPod Shuffle sort of redundant…

What am I saying? What blasphemy!

Check it out.

Update: It seems this is not the iTunes phone after all. Hmm, in that case, who really cares about the E1060? Read about it here.