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Monthly Archives: February 2005

MP-70, Fujifilm’s ultra portable printer

MP-70It’s small. It’s wireless. It prints. It’s 100$ and it’s awesome.

It does however, come with a plethora of drawbacks that just might want to make you wait a little until they come out with something just a bit better. So let’s see… Its wirelessness is of the infrared kind, as opposed to the arguably better bluetooth. It accepts files with a size of up to 900kb only. A 10 pack of the special paper needed to print goes for 6$. The CR2 lithium batteries will need to be replaced after 130 prints. The actual thing measures about 4 inches by 5 inches by 1¼ inches and will print pictures about the size of a credit card.

So yeah, not a whole lot going for it, other than its ultraportability and potential for immediate gratification. Still neat though.

The PDA Panache Pro Stylus Upgrade for your Nintendo DS™

It stands to reason that with so many people owning PDAs, there’d be a market centered around stylii, otherwise erroneously known as styluses. And now, company PDA Panache (!!) is selling an “upscale” stylus for your Nintendo DS.

What makes it so special? Well, let see. It is wrought from a solid billet of brass for maximum mass and stiffness, fits your Nintendo’s built-in stylus slot, has advanced screen-safe EasyView™ stylus tip to protect your screen and says “Oh Baby!” when you hold it. Apart from this last feature being, uh, made up, all this is very nice stuff indeed for what is basically a little stick.

And one that will set you back a mere 14.95$

Visit the website.

SwiMP3, underwater musicality

swimp3A lot of people swim. Matter of fact, many of them swim a lot. Sadly, underwater, most music players just don’t work. And now that listening to music is the New National Obsession, these athletes are sure to feel a little left out. Until now that is.

Behold the SwiMP3 from company Finis.

The new SwiMP3 is revolutionary in that it relies on bone conduction of sound. When the device is placed on any bones of the skull (i.e. the cheek bones or the mastoid tip) it leads to vibration of the fluid in the inner ear. Thus swimmers can enjoy clarity of sound with the SwiMP3 device that was never before possible.

The downside? You get 128MB for 249$.

Visit the website.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 reviewed

sl-c3000The saddest thing about being a gadget writer is the lust you feel everyday, without the chance of fulfillment. It’s a lust that’s compounded by the fact that even if I had the money to buy any of these products, most of the time I wouldn’t even be able to. Why? Because we’re technologically retarded in America is why.

Take the SL-C3000. It has everything you’d want in a PDA, and then some. Check this out: 4 GB Hitachi internal HDD, 3.7″ VGA swivel-screen, Intel Xscale PXA270 (416 mHz), 64 MB RAM, 16 MB flash ROM, 1 CF slot, 1 SD, IR port, Integrated speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It’s Linuxed. It’s gorgeous. But. It’s 819$. Through an importer. And why? Because we pretty much kicked Sharp’s PDA business out of here, along with Sony’s and Toshiba’s.

Lovely stuff people. Just lovely.

Read the review.

Vice Versa Knife Block

This one speaks all for itself.

The essentials: It’s designed by Raffaele Iannello. It’s not for sale.

Check it out.

Intellimug, keeping your car beverages warm

intellimugWe’re not talking about cutting edge technology here. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before. It’s just a mug that plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car to keep your fluids warm (fluids not included).

It has a little display on the side to inform you of the inside temperature, and even has the decency to shut off when it senses the liquid of choice reaching molten lava temperatures, saving you from the potentially embarassing disfigurement.

It can be had for 29.95$ in a fine establishment like this one.

Jumbo Wireless Caller ID

WirelesscallidThis one is for those of you that still have wall mounted phones. Or desk mounted. Or whatever. Just as long as you don’t have a wireless phone with a caller ID feature, you could benefit from this. Maybe.

If everytime the phone rings, you have to run to it to see who’s calling, then this could solve your little problem. Just bring this unit with you to any room in the house and the base will beam caller information to it. You can then decide to run to the phone or not.

Now. Seeing as the MSRP is 79.99$, and that for that price, you can probably just purchase a wireless phone with a caller ID feature, well… maybe it’s not that useful after all.

Decide for yourselves by visiting the website.

Logic3 i-Station Portable Speaker System reviewed

iPodLounge has an interesting review of this speaker system. Verdict? Great sound, great price, definately worth a look or two.

It’s foldable, and is the first (truly portable) one to come with a subwoofer (that’s the speaker at the back). You can connect it to your computer and use it as a docking station. It works with all models of iPods, even the Shuffle, though it will only recharge dock-connector equipped iPods. Sizewise, when folded up, it’s about as big as a hard cover book, which is not a whole lot.

Officially, it can be had for 149$, but it’s selling everywhere for 85$, or less.

Read the review.

Ergonomic ballpoint pen

There’s a little sticker on my keyboard. It says the following:

Some experts believe that the use of any keyboard may cause serious injury.

I’m guessing they’re referring to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injury, which while serious, does not come with the alarming urgency implied by the wording on my keyboard. This does tell me something though: some people are really gung-ho about CTS.

Which is why I believe there’s a market for this pen by company Randee Corp. It’s called the Ring Pen, and retails for about 8.95$. It’s worn as illustrated and allegedly reduces fatigue (and presumably, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) from prolonged writing sessions.

Buy one at