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AWOL Alcohol Without Liquid… now portable

AwolusaThat’s right. A while back, large versions of these machines were released all over. They were darn expensive, at roughly 3000$ a piece. Well, now there’s a portable version that can be yours for as little as 300$.

What is it? Well, it’s a new way of getting drunk. Essentially it’s an atomiser, meaning a device for mixing liquid with air in a mixture that can be inhaled. In this case, replace “liquid” with “party spirit of choice”.

It seems to produce a different kind of buzz, with allegedly no hangover. Problem is, it takes a little longer to produce its effect. Something in the order of 20 minutes longer. But hey, you can’t put a price on the novelty factor.

Incidentally, this product seems to be causing a whole load of American lawmakers’ panties to go up in one tight bunch. Just read one example of the press coverage.

Via Gizmag.

Also, visit the manufacturer’s website.