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iMate and Skype

iMate with SkypeWe’re in the middle of a Wi-Fi Everywhere revolution. There’s a whole industry dedicated to selling you wifi detecting keychain gadgets and such. Yet when you think about it, that’s one segment of the market that’s bound to disappear as wifi becomes more and more ubiquitous. I mean, who really needs something to detect wifi, when it’s everywhere?

Which brings me (slowly) to my point. If there’s wifi everywhere, there’s internet everywhere. With the internet, you can do some truly wondrous things, like use Skype and make phone calls. For free. And now, with iMate announcing they’ll be bundling Skype software on their next offering, a whole new era of free wireless communication could be just around the bend.

The article is in french. So, just so you know, it says that iMate’s next PDA will come with GMS/GPRS and wifi and Skype. It’ll be powered by a 400Mhz Intel Xscale PXA263 and 128 SDRAM. It’s expected to go at around 850$ and it comes out in March.

I say, wait for the prices to drop a little, and go for it.

Check it out.

  • AJ

    Hey, I would like to be hopeful about a “era of free wireless communication” but we know wireless companies are gonna do something to screw it up…. these companies are WAY to powerful too allow somehting like this to take over 🙁

    Editor’s note: True enough, but then again, how do we know we’re not overestimating these companies’ power? I mean, isn’t the entire point of the internet that it’s decentralized and virtually uncontrollable? I mean, that’s why this RIAA vs. P2P is an issue at all. You’d think that the RIAA, with it’s millions of dollars and evil lawyer minions would have already managed to stomp out internet piracy, but guess what? Thay haven’t and if you ask me, they’re nowhere close either.

    So, I dunno, maybe they have something up their sleeve, then again maybe not. I spose we’ll see.