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Aluminum case for iPod Shuffle

alumshufflecaseI thought the whole idea behind the iPod Shuffle (at least, the one redeeming feature for it’s puny storage capacity) was the low low price, but to tell you the truth, even that didn’t exactly blow my mind…

Now, don’t misconstrue my words as any kind of criticism. I mean, hey, people easily pay one large for Manolo Blahnik shoes and that’s just fine. They’re just shoes, sure, but they’re Blahniks fer crying out loud, right? Well, the iPod is The designer MP3 player and should be treated as such. Which is why it’s totally understandable for someone to machine a case out of a solid aluminum block and protect their baby in style. Never mind that it’s probably more expensive than the iPod itself… it’s worth it!


Check it out at iPodLounge.