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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Desktop R/C Mini-Rovers, productivity enhancers

roverOh, I can just imagine the unabashed mayhem these little tanks will be causing throughout corporate America. Just picture the hordes tie-clad geeks in disguise playing a little game of remote controlled tank laser tag when the boss isn’t looking… Kind of makes me wish I had a job.

Now, these things are small, at only 4 inches in length. And sure, you could also purchase some additional software that’ll allow you to control them over the web and yeah, you could couple them with an optional webcam and turn them into little security bots. But let’s face it. You’re not going to buy them for their security potential. You’re going to buy them because you and three of your buddies really want to play cubicle warfare. And that’s pretty darn cool.

Check it out at ThinkGeek.

Creative MuVo Micro N200

MuVo-Micro-N200_1So it’s no secret, there’s quite a few music players out there with better functionality, at a better price, than anything iPod. Sure, sure, they’re not iPods but hey, some people don’t really give a crap. For those people, the MuVo Micro N200 might be a very interesting purchase.

It has a ton of features I’ll discuss in a second. But most importantly, have you seen how small that thing is?! It’s 34x66x13mm and all of 34g. It has a display with a customisable layout to accomodate left or right handed people, though it’s not exactly colorful or big, but that’s understandable. It comes in eight colors (Creative sure likes colors…) and in sizes up to 1Gb.

It has an FM tuner and a built-in MP3 encoder to record the radio broadcast, or anything else you feed it through its line-in. You can even enable a function called Sync Track that automatically splits tracks.

All in all, not a bad little player at all. Starting price is £43.85 which my currency converter tells me is about 90$USD.

Read the full review from BIOS.

Jacob Jensen designer doorbell

jacob_jensen_doorbell_feb05It’s sad that it would be ridiculous for me to want to own this. It would just be so completely out of place in my appartment. Perhaps when I richify myself and buy a nice house to match… Meanwhile, for my more affluent readers, you might be interested in this doorbell by designer Jacob Jensen, creator of a truly smokin’ (no pun intended) smoke alarm.

And it’s not a case of form over function, no no. See, it’s wireless for one. It features 5 high-quality polyphonic tunes. One of them is a recording of the designer himself knocking on the door. Very chichi. And one is for the hard of hearing (aka the ear piercer).

You have one chime, any number of bells (for which of course, you pay), joined wirelessly with a range of 150 meters. It’ll be out in early spring, and there’s no word on price.

Check it out.

Just another fish in the pond, with a stupid name: GoGear HDD084

hdd084There are so many MP3 players out there, you’d wonder why I’d even bother mentioning this one. It’s not great, or cheap, or iPoddy. Well, I have a thing for Philips is why. I own one of their products and since then, I’ve felt very fuzzy everytime I see anything by them.

Well, so let’s see then. The thick credit card sized player comes with 3GB of storage. It has trademarked functions called SuperPlay and SuperScroll whose functionality I cannot begin to fathom. It can be used as a mass storage device (yay!) and it’s expected to be sold for 179$.

Hmm… I taste flat cola.

Check out the press release.

iVolution Zeon, colorful leather case for Zen micro

ZeonIt seems like Creative is banking on colorful customisability to one-up the other music players in its category, what with ten colors to chose from. Cashing in on that marketing strategy, company Vaja has started production on a leather case for the Zen micro. The nice thing about it? Oh, the truckloads of different colors it can come in is what.

Matter of fact, Vaja doesn’t even manufacture the case in all these colors. It makes the product (in any of the 150 or so available colors) after you order it. They can even customise the case with your name for an extra 10$. A belt clip will cost you 4$ and the actual case starts at 60$.

Considering the 10 different Zen micro colors, there can be about 1500 combinations of the two, making it somewhat possible to give yourself a unique look.

Check it out.

This just in: iRiver H10 Junior on the horizon

This diminutive MP3 player could definately be big in the next few weeks. It’s not confirmed yet (it’s at the rumor stage still) but it seems iRiver will be releasing a tiny player with 2Gb of flash memory and up to 60 hours in battery life. And if it’s anything like in the picture, it even seems like it’ll come with a color display.

Rumors of this first surfaced on a Korean discussion board, so if any of you read Korean, you can go check it out.

Story via I4U.

Update: Never mind the rumor business, this seems to be more than just that. There’s a press release, dating from January mentioning the H10 Junior. Read the last part of the release.

Uniden’s submersible cordless

unidencordlessNever mind it’s ugly. Just ignore that. I mean, it is very ugly, but sometimes exceptional functionality comes at a price.

See, next time you’re hottubbing, you wont have to actually care where you drop the handset when you’re done with your call. Just plop it right down in the water. Pick it up again later (it floats) and make another call. Then just drop it again. Who cares? You can be reckless with it if you want to, that’s what it’s made for. And you know, ladies really dig bad boys like that…

It’s got all the usual features for a cordless and if you care to know, it’s a 900Mhz type. It goes for 59.99$.

Check it out.

AWOL Alcohol Without Liquid… now portable

AwolusaThat’s right. A while back, large versions of these machines were released all over. They were darn expensive, at roughly 3000$ a piece. Well, now there’s a portable version that can be yours for as little as 300$.

What is it? Well, it’s a new way of getting drunk. Essentially it’s an atomiser, meaning a device for mixing liquid with air in a mixture that can be inhaled. In this case, replace “liquid” with “party spirit of choice”.

It seems to produce a different kind of buzz, with allegedly no hangover. Problem is, it takes a little longer to produce its effect. Something in the order of 20 minutes longer. But hey, you can’t put a price on the novelty factor.

Incidentally, this product seems to be causing a whole load of American lawmakers’ panties to go up in one tight bunch. Just read one example of the press coverage.

Via Gizmag.

Also, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Auravision EluminX Slim Series Illuminated Keyboard

eluminixI’ve often tried surfing the web, late at night, with the lights off. For purposes of research, you see. Yeah. Except that my eyes would get really sore trying to read the keyboard from the monitor glow. Well, I fixed that problem by getting a girlfriend. And now I find out, I could just have bought the Auravision keyboard instead and saved myself the headaches. Oh well…

The EluminX uses patented ElectroLuminescent technology to light up the keys, providing a perfect solution for late night web surfers, gamers, and computer users. EluminX eases eyestrain by making the keys easy to see, reducing the need for task lighting and its glare.

It can be had for 79.99$ from ThinkGeek.

Check it out.