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World’s smallest TV, er… MP3 player

Kudos to MobiBlu for releasing the “World’s Smallest MP3 Player”, the DAH-1500. While any such claims should always be taken with a grain of salt, this particular design is quite elegant, if only for looking like a tiny television.DAH-1500

Now, on a side note, I have an issue with the name. Not with MobiBlu, but the name of the player itself. Why DAH-1500? Would you tell a friend: “Hey, I got myself the new DAH-1500!” It just doesn’t roll off the tongue and I really feel that companies should review their alphabet soup taxonomy. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe people do like saying names like XS200, EMP-400 or CW300. What do I know?

Anyway, back to the player. It features an FM tuner, audio jack/data jack (that’s right, 2 in 1), OLED screen and 20 hour playback time. Not bad for such a tiny buddy.

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