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Chips – The Universal Wireless Helmet Audio System

Access rich, clear music even while wearing your helmet with Chips, the universal wireless helmet audio system. Designed and developed by Outdoor Technology, this system provides you with high quality sound using its 40mm drivers. The output is controlled with a patented two-button system for playing and pausing, changing tracks, and adjusting the volume. With the built in microphone, you can also use the buttons to answer and end calls without having to remove your gloves. Chips have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last you ten hours of music playing or up to 280 hours on standby. Designed with you in mind, Chips fit virtually any helmet, are sweat and water resistant, and work even at sub-zero temperatures.

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Plazmatic X Lighter Would Be Cool, Even If It Wasn’t On Special… But It Is


The Plazmatic X Ligter is awesome. It lights cigarettes using two criss-crossing sparks of electricity. It’s windproof. And it’s on special.

No one likes wasting money on lighter after lighter. That’s why this dual-beam, eco-friendly lighter is more than a pretty face. It’ll save you cash on disposable lighters, save the environment from piles of plastic, and accompany you on all your adventures, no matter the weather. Plazmatic now features a longer-lasting battery and quick charge time to deliver a reliable light at all times.

Featured in Maxim’s 2015 Gift Guide!

– Designed w/ the iconic “X” lighting mechanism
– Specifically engineered w/ a wider lighting surface to light anything (cigars, hemp wick, candles, incense & more)
– Works in the windiest of conditions & water resistant
– Recharges via USB
– Saves you money spent on disposable lighters, wicks & fluid

It’s normally $70 and considering what a niece piece of kit it is, we’d be happy to pay that. Now it’s 49.99, with free shipping.


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Top 2: Best Gaming Laptop

Top Gaming Laptop

Go any where and game any where with these best gaming laptops.

We’ll let you in on a poorly kept secret: gaming laptops are more interesting and powerful than ever before. The best gaming laptop of 2016 proves that you can go mobile without sacrificing too much gaming power, no matter what you prefer to play. And thanks to the latest laptop computer inventions, such as new mobile ports for high-end GPUs, performance and display quality has never been better.

Power and durability are, of course, important when searching for the best gaming laptop. You’ll have to sacrifice some weight to get everything in one package, so we also suggest considering a gaming laptop pack or case that can hold everything easily. As always, features specifically devoted toward gaming, like a powerful but quiet cooling system, are worth buying as welll. When it comes to storage, a hybrid or SSD is your best bet, but you will have to pay more for the privilege, so start saving up. Check out our electronics reviews for more information.

As far as the screen goes, don’t even think about going below HD – and if you have enough to spend, 4K gaming laptops are now readily available. While most gaming laptops have acceptable keyboards with solid design and customization options, you may want to take a look to make sure the setup is to your liking before buying.

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Deal Of The Day: 94% Off On ZenMate VPN, Lifetime Premium Subscription


VPN’s are important. You practice safe sex, you have to practice safe browsing. VPN’s provide you with that layer of anonymity and protection you need when online. One of the better options out there is ZenMate VPN, and today you’re looking at a significant discount on a lifetime subscription.

ZenMate is one of the fastest-growing security solutions in the business for good reason. It not only offers complete protection against hackers and malicious websites, but delivers across all your devices. Finally, you can make purchases online and on mobile without risking your data getting in the wrong hands. Download the browser extension, and you can even easily switch between proxy locations to access any content you want. You’ll say goodbye to location-based content restrictions, and finally forge your own private path online.

Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup of 2014

– Encrypts your browser traffic to safeguard your data
– Includes a browser extension to easily switch locations
– Protects you & your data while using public Wi-Fi hotspots (or at home!)
– Unblocks restricted sites like streaming services, news publications & social media
– Unblocks restricted YouTube videos
– Hides your IP by changing your location
– Secures all your devices w/ desktop clients & mobile apps
– Choose from 11 countries: Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands & Spain
– Browse swiftly w/ turbo-speed Internet connections
– Block malicious sites

Normally $840, you can get lifetime access for $49.

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The AirBow Kicks Bow Hunting Up A Few Notches

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.52.20 PM

We’ll leave the debate about whether hunting at all is cool for another day. The fact remains that many people do hunt, and many choose to do it with crossbows or even plain old bow and arrows. That’s cool, we can see the appeal, although it’s a little too old-fanised for our tastes. Now, without going to the world of firearms, the Pioneer AirBow by Crosman does seem to let you crank up your arrow game a few levels. Powered by 3,000psi of compressed air, the weapon is able to shoot 8 arrows at 450fps in the time it would take a regular bow to fire off 3, and they’re all consistent thanks to a pressure regulator. You can refill the compressed air canister with a High Pressure Hand Pump or a 4500 PSI Charging System. And the entire setup will cost you $849.

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HyperChiller Coffee Maker Makes Iced Coffee In One Minute


So… making decent iced coffee isn’t as simple as it sounds. You can make drip coffee and pour it over ice, but then you’re melting the cubes, diluting your brew and ending up with a weak drink. Or, you can make it concentrated, say by making a triple espresso shot… but you might put too much or too little ice and end up with the wrong concentration anyway. OR, you can chill your coffee overnight… but who’s got that much time? The HyperChiller Coffee Maker can let you cool your hot brew in as little as one minute, which you can then pour over ice that you won’t have to worry about diluting. You simply put the chiller in the freezer overnight, and once you pour the hot coffee inside, the large surface area will expose more of your brew to the frozen walls, chilling the liquid by as much as 130F in 60 seconds.

It’s $30.

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Propella Electric Bike

One of the world’s most lightweight (under 36 lbs) and affordable electric bicycles is now accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo. Propella rides and feels like a traditional bicycle, but delivers a boost of power on hills with a simple push of a throttle. The removable battery pack contains SAMSUNG Lithium-ion cells and provides power to a compact hub-motor with a top speed of 20 mph and range of up to 28 miles. Propella is accepting pre-orders now and offering up to 50% off on limited quantity to early backers. Propella’s mission is to bridge the gap between regular bikes and electric bikes (eBikes). “We strive for simplicity, and our minimalist design allows us to achieve our goal by eliminating unnecessary features and focusing on essential elements”

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Our Top 2: Best Wireless Routers

Best Wireless Routers

Maximize your home’s broadband with our top wireless router picks.

When wireless routers do their job, you rarely notice them. However, the latest wave of the best routers is seeing exciting gains in speed and new features for home monitoring and other tasks. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your router, we have some exciting Wi-Fi options for you.

First, let’s talk about what’s making the best wireless routers in 2016 interesting. First, an increasing number are using smart technology to target individual mobile devices, which means a lower chance of running into a dead zone inside your own home. Additionally, more are using app management to give families greater control over who is on the wireless network and what they are browsing. Also, let’s not forget about important new technologies like the MU-MIMO standard, which are making routers far more efficient and dependable by changing the way they communicate.

When looking for a router, pay particular attention to what extra feature it has and if they fit your current needs. You should also note how many bands the router operates on: Both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz    bands are used, although the 5GHz band is typically more short range and used to take some of the load off of a full 2.4GHz band. A web app or other way to manage settings with computers is also a big plus. Let’s take a look at some of the best wireless routers around and what makes them special.

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The Nessie Tea Infuser Is More Of A Good Thing


We wrote about the Nessie Ladle and the Nessie Colander before, and these items were pretty popular with you guys. OTOTO, who makes these, took notice and now they’ve released the Nessie Tea Infuser. It makes it look like the famous and totally real Lock Ness Monster is sticking out of your cup of tea, nut in reality it’s not a tiny tea-dwelling sea monster at all but a cleverly designed household product. You guys are so easily fooled, lolz. It’s $14, cute af, and totally worth the purchase.


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