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Deal Of The Day: Pay What You Want, White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle


We often talk about gaining knowledge online and learning how to code, but coding isn’t the only way you can earn marketable skills. White hat security is an increasingly in-demand field, and fortunately for you we have an awesome deal on: the Pay What You Want, White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle. If you pay anything less than the average price ($13.10 as of this writing), you’ll get the two courses without a lock next to them. Pay anything more than that, and they’re all yours. Access dozens and dozens of hours of training for very little money, a deal that’s available to you for the next 7 days.

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A Magnetic Levitation Turntable For The Ultimate In Vibration Dampening


The MAG-LEV Audio looks pretty badass. It’s a turntable with a magnetically levitating platter, and that alone should be the main selling point. The platter is smoothly controlled through a patented drive system that can easily switch between 33.3-rpm and 45-rpm with just a turn of a button. When you turn it off, the platter gently lowers back down onto a set of legs that pops up upon shutdown. There’s even an Uninterrupted Power Supply that will perform a smooth shutdown procedure in case of power loss, protecting your precious records and your expensive turntable as well. And we say expensive because of course the MAG-LEV Audio isn’t cheap: it’s an $880 pledge to get your own, with shipping almost a year away in September 2017.


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Stormtrooper Decanter Bottle and Shot Glass


Look, there’s not much to say about this product, aside from pointing out the obvious: it’s freaking awesome. It’s a decanter bottle and shot glass set from The Fowndry; the bottle costs £22 (~$27) and the shot glass £12 (~$15, or two for £22, ~$27). They’re based on the design from industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth in 1976, for the original Star Wars film. They’ll make an amazing conversation piece no matter what liquid you pour into them, especially milk (see pic below). You should know the shot glass isn’t really a shot glass, more like a glass, period. That’s because it can hold 5 oz, which is only a shot if you’re a genuinely enthusiastic drinker.


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GameON Earphones from Atari by ROAM

Introducing the GameON Headphones from Atari, by ROAM. They wanted their first co-branded project with Atari to not only be sensational but SIMPLE at the same time. An easy-to-use product that is classic, but comes with an undeniably modern look (brushed titanium parts) and sound (dynamic balanced armature drivers). Not only does each pair of GameON earphones deliver unprecedented sound quality in a sub-$200 in-ear headphone – but it does so in a way that’s easy to understand, and even easier to use. Anyone with an analog jack can plug it in and enjoy their favorite music after that. No one sound fits all.

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Deal Of The Day: Martian Notifier Smartwatch For $30


Look, we’re not talking about an Apple Watch here. The Martian Notifier Smartwatch doesn’t run third party apps. It doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen. But it is an honest to goodness smartwatch that does a bunch of stuff that regular watches don’t do, let alone $30 ones.

More than your run-of-the-mill wearable, the Martian Notifier Smartwatch is a next-level timepiece that seamlessly blends technology and style. From receiving app notifications to remotely snapping pictures using your phone camera, you’ll find this watch a boon to your personal productivity–not to mention a sleek addition to your accessory collection.

4/5 Stars on 741 Amazon reviews
Ranked as a Top 4 Best Smartwatch of 2014 by Consumer Reports

– Get push notifications from any of hundreds of apps
– Assign custom vibration alerts
– Snap pictures using a remote trigger
– Set up to 5 individual or recurring alarms
– Receive alerts when you’re walking away from your phone
– Easily find your phone by tapping a menu to call it
– Access a digital world clock
– Quickly check local weather conditions

Normally $129, it’s $29 with today’s deal, and yes the shipping is free.


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The Simple Rubiks Cube’s Got Nothing On The X-Cube


Look, there are people solving Rubiks’ Cubes in less than 6 seconds; the world record stands at 5.25s! So as much as the little puzzles do stump the average, casual player, it’s fair to say that an upgrade was needed. That’s where the X-Cube comes in. It’s the next generation of complexity in 3D puzzles:

The X-Cube can take on 594,469,003,618,866,131,911,871,299,584,000,000,000 (5.94*10^38, or 594 novemdecillion ) different permutations. That’s over 13 quintillion times more permutations than the original 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube.

Is it impossible to solve? Well, according to the company if you can solve a 3X3X3 Cubiks, you can solve this. Eventually. Maybe with some help.

It’s $32.


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These Earrings Are Designed To Catch Your EarPods When They Inevitably Fall Out


One of the sadder design decisions from Apple’s recent iPhone 7 launch was related to the EarPods. They not only look arguably bad, but they also look like they’d fall straight out of your ear at the slightest bump… which would be ok if they were wired, but not so much when there’s a chance a fall means a trip to the Apple Store for a new pair. That’s why we’re finding these 3D printed earrings rather cool. They’re called M3D Twisty Earbud Catchers, they’re shaped like a tiny bucket that hangs right underneath your EarPods, and presumably will catch them when they pop out. The good news is that you can print them yourselves at home! The bad news is, of course, that you’re going to need a 3D printer to do that. The link to the 3D print file is below.

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Deal Of the Day: 64% Off On Geek Fuel Mega Pack


The thing that sucks about Christmas is that it comes around only once a year. But there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, or a loved one, with some random basket of surprises once a month, is there? The Geek Fuel Mega Pack is a box full of goodies that’ll delight any geek.

Let your geek flag fly with a Geek Fuel Mega Pack! The Mega Pack includes an exclusive Welcome Box, plus one Geek Fuel box each month for the next three months. Each mystery box contains an exclusive t-shirt, a full downloadable game, the latest issue of Geek Fuel Magazine, and 5-8 items like toys, comics, collectibles, and much more from all of your favorite titles.

Featured on IGN, Digg, and Mashable

– Each box features an exclusive t-shirt that you can’t find anywhere else
– Every Geek Fuel box has a minimum value of $50
– Products are from some of the hottest titles, from Star Wars and The Avengers, to Doctor Who and Super Mario Bros.

Considering the amount of stuff you’ll get, three months’ worth, the normal $225 asking price seems justified. But at today’s $79 price point, it’s a steal.

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Painting the Living Room Has Never Been Easier With The Paint2It Pro, An ‘Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette’


If your wife asks you to help her repaint any part of the house, you know what you’re in for a heck of a job. Why not make your life a little easier with the Paint2It Pro, and “Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette”. It’s a handheld palette that contains a special absorbing material that can hold up to 12 oz. of paint. You’re then free to walk around and reload your brush at will, without worrying about spilling anything on the floor. It can even hold multiple colors of paint without them mixing! The liner is washable and reausable, and the holding strap is adjustable to fit any sized hand. It’s $20.


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